May 16th, 2013

So tired

I may have to have the nickname I'm giving away.

Complainy McPrincess is the name I've given a woman who struts around in 7 inch heeled boots, sprays Lysol every time I sneeze, has asked for a raise at least 5 times since she's started about 7 months ago but, even though she only has 250 work orders. The top amount of work orders one person is supposed to have is 300. I've consistently have had about 310- 315 for over a month. When our boss re-assigned Queens from me to her she complained about how overworked she was and how she could not possibly handle another area. With her cutsey-squeaky voice and big, teary eyes and her soooo cold eat-a-ham-sammich skinny ass who wore a big honking wool scarf today even though it was 78 degrees and runs her heater until the vice-president told her she had to stop-- last week in the middle of May. Can you tell I can't stand her by how much I'm complaining about her?

Still, I keep my complaining to LiveJournal.

Then there's Yarnie. She's the one who flipped out on the bus. I kinda feel bad for her because made a very bad first impression bugging out on the bus like she did. She is a little rough but she isn't that bad. She's Yarnie because I defended her hair as her own-- not realizing it stretched down past her ass and had the consistency of yarn.

Still love what I'm doing. Love that I have goals and I get to meet how I want so long as I meet them. Love that I get to meet and surpass them using my own skills and initiative. I'm the bomb and everybody knows it!