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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Man, I need a secret place to post about work.

A new girl started on Wednesday. On Thursday me and two other co-workers were on the bus on the way home like usual. The bus was crowded and we were in the back when another car hit the bus. The bus driver got out and had a conversation with the woman who hit the bus. They both turn a corner (out of the heavy traffic of Stewart Ave. The woman who hit the bus keeps going, never to be seen again. The bus driver gets out of the bus and calls the police.

Well! New girl (we'll call her Yarn Hair cuz that's what her loooong extensions look like) loses her fucking mind! She starts yelling and cursing and threatening to beat the fuck out of the bus driver. All the buses have a sign that says assaulting a bus driver is punishable by 7 years in prison. New girl:

You fucking pussy bastard! You're lucky I don't have seven years to spare cuz I would fuck your ass up! Get back on the bus and do your job! Drive you motherfucking DRAMA QUEEN! Fucking pussy bastard! I will KILL YOU!!!!

On Friday new co-worker was on the phone with NICE (Nassau Inter-county Express-- the bus company) complaining not only about the bus driver but about another completely different bus not stopping at the mall-- even though the bus doesn't stop there.

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Long story short: QC and training girl was one of the people I ride with every day. She says all new girl had to talk about for the two days so far was how much she did not want to be where she was and how she wanted to be at home.

Nobody will care if New Girl lost her mind on the bus so long as she does what she's supposed to do. At first we were all worried that this new office was going to go under because there was so little work. As of the beginning of May we have more work than we can handle-- hence the new girl.

There's also another new girl. She sweet and nice and reminds me of George.

One more note: It will be a year for me on July 9. At that time the office consisted of 6 people. Since that time, 13 people have been let go. Four never started, having failed the drug test.

We now have 15 people in our office with one person starting next week. We are also seeking two people to do my job. That's been a little harder to fill, seeing as how they don't wanna pay people real money.

That's some crazy turn over. But good. People who cannot do the job are let go toot sweet! So different from the last job.

Having just left a job that ended due to lack of money, I must say that having too much work is the better problem to have. Batshit insane coworkers, not so much.

The old place is down to 7 people, almost all management. There were always too many chiefs and not enough indians-- but now it's two guys who do what I did and one mailroom guy. No more work. So too much is definitely better than not enough.

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She didn't know we were on the bus, I don't think.