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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
My former place of work is imploding.

The IT woman is stuffing envelopes. The Big Kahuna went to the second site to complain about not having IT at the main office for a problem they were having over there. Head Mailroom Guy (who, along with Tom Terrific runs the second site) told him, "You shouldn't have fired everybody then." He did it in front of everybody. Even the temps. That's how I know.

Wannabe Gangsta (not fired. I KNOW!) was home on vacation. They called him and told him that he needed to come in. He refused. Then they told him they'd pay him double time-- or he could join the fired. He came in and bitched, bitched, bitched. Last night, they all had to do overtime but come 8 o'clock, only black people were there stuffing envelopes. He stormed into Tom Terrific's office, "Everybody you fucking fired was black except for two people but somehow there are only black people here stuffing envelopes. Why you ain't stuffing envelopes, Tom? You too white?"

Justin says it's funny how they didn't threaten the remaining (white) claims examiners with their jobs for not staying to stuff. I guess it's a black people kind of job.

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I'll jump on that bandwagon.