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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Not as bad as first thought.

The ophthalmologist clocked both my eyes at 21. He says maybe it's not glaucoma but since he and the optometrist got such different numbers, he'd like me to come back in December for comparison. And, I always have to be special. They tried to take a picture of my eyeball but my pupils were too small to get a good shot. They flashed me and flashed me and finally gave up. In December my pupils will be dilated so they should get a good picture.

I've got the three way glasses. They give me a headache and the edges of my vision are wonky. I cannot wear them as I walk as the ground looks as if I'm viewing it through a fishbowl. I can't walk. But, boy, I can read anything. In the car I can read street signs 3 blocks away! I can read tiny white print on black background. I can SEE!


I just got progressives last week. The first few days I was getting a headache, but I'm doing better now.

It sure is nice to be able to see what I'm reading CLEARLY, lemme tell ya. The trick, apparently, is to be sure you're using the right part of the glasses for what you're looking at. Looking straight ahead is distance vision, but to read I'm supposed to "point my nose at what I want to read then look through the bottom of the glasses."

It's mostly working.

We both wear bifocals. Barb still has trouble negotiating stairs. I never did. Since the progressives would be an extra cost, we go with the old-fashioned types, with the visible lines.

I just never had a problem adjusting to bifocals.