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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
What the fucking fuck, you fuck!

People may not know this but I've been pretty stressed since that goddamned hurricane passed by last weekend. My preparations for my very first craft fair have been thrown waaaaay off schedule and if I don't get it back on schedule, I'd have wasted a bunch of money for nothing.

There is a 40 feet tree laying in my yard and on top of my neighbor's house which I can't seem to do anything about. Our insurance company has not called us. Our insurance agent will not give me the company's number. She flat out refuses. The shed that took a month and a half and every last bit of my patience to build was fucked in less than a week. There is something dead in the backyard that both Dany and Justin refuse to acknowledge.

I have spent all week calling landscaping and tree removal companies trying to get someone, anyone to come look at the tree. I have gotten exactly one company to commit to calling me when they have time to make an appointment to come over at some far later date. That's it.

Just now Dany called. This is our conversation:

Dany: Have you tried Three Guy Tree Removal?
Me: No. . . yes. . . I don't know. I've called dozens.
Dany: Well, I'm looking at their website right now.
Me: Did you call them?
Dany: No, I don't know what you're doing. And anyway, I'm busy trying to clear my desk for my vacation. (Dany's got a two weeks of vacation starting tomorrow).
Me: So you are on their website right now as you speak to me on the phone, but you can't call them on the phone?
Dany: Well, I'm busy working while you're at home doing nothing. . ..
Me: Fuck you! click

I am soooooooo angry right now. I feel like taking the dishes I just packed into the washer and smashing them against a wall. Plus, I feel like crying. AARRhGGHHHH!!!!!


That is BULLSHIT. My friend in NJ has a basement full of water and her insurance person has already been out once already.

This is what I get for listening to Dany when he said, "This is the agent I've always used. This was my dad's agent!" when I suggested we shop around and see if we could get something better by combining car and home with Allstate or State Farm. I suggested we do this when the other fly-by-night home insurance company dropped us for no reason and little warning. Right after they paid us for the other shed that got blown over.

Once the dust settles, I'm doing exactly that. You know, since I'm sitting around the house doing nothing all day long.