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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]

Cranky sent me a box filled with silver and gold. SILVER AND GOLD! Thank you Cranky!


Cranky is awesome. She sent me some books a few months back, and her timing was perfect. She knows exactly what you need and she sends it.

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Loud and clear, Captain Herpes. LOUD AND CLEAR

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Takes one to know one. But I think you'd cop to that with a shrug of nonchalance.

When I went through my bin of beading stuff, I was MORTIFIED that I had SO MANY findings and beads, most of which were untouched. It was like I had an illness for awhile, JoAnns or Michaels would have a sale and I'd just HAVE TO go buy something. The number of things I have actually made is pathetically, horribly, laughable. So I was super glad to UNLOAD it. What's sad is that I have more stuff, but most of it was already taken out of the package and put into my bead storage cases. I was too lazy to bag that stuff up.

Ignore the price tags on that stuff, I rarely bought anything that wasn't discounted.

Some of that silver is nice bali silver, but a lot of it is just shitty cheap metal. Enjoy.

Yesterday I got your gigantic box of goodies which included that wonderful calendar AND a book on marketing. Guess which one I spent last night reading.

Woo! You made room for my THOMAS KINKADE PUZZLE I bought for you, didn't you?

I need to buy this book for you too:


LOL Liz sent me a link to that review yesterday. Hee.