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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I've been doing this all wrong!

Since about last Monday when I decided to crank up the jewelry selling I've been doing that internet social networking thingamabob I read repeatedly about. And I have increased my circle of internet contacts considerably-- even drastically. Exactly what they all said would happen. Except I've notice one thing.

All my new internet networking social group "friends" make craft, not buy it. A little more research lead me to this (made up?) fact that the handmake jewelry industry is picking up-- running on the purses of middle aged, upper middle-income soccer moms.

I'm gonna try to 'social internet' the middle aged, lower to middle income Caribbean Brooklyn moms that buy my stuff only I don't know where they hang out on the 'net. Or even if they do hang out on the internet.


I was thinking the other day that there's gotta be tons of craft shows near you. Have you considered looking into the local "artist with a booth" scene?

I have been asking questions about this.

I think that I need much more inventory than I already have. Not that I think I'll sell a ton but at two pieces a day during the week and one on Saturday and Sunday, the Etsy shop takes 12 pieces a week. I like to have at least a week of inventory available, more if possible. Selling as little as 5 earrings can screw things up.

I did see tables available in late August and early September in my area. If I want to participate, and I do, I'll have to start cranking out mucho earrings between now and then.

Long Island Creators, Woo hoo! Thanks.