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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I should be more proactive.

The visit to the unemployment office has been put off until next Tuesday. I was going to go yesterday since Monday was wait for the gas company day. Oh, the gas company came all right. Only, it wasn't Monday. It was Tuesday at a quarter to two in the morning.

I did manage to apply for a job at Time Warner over the internet. When you first get on line with Time Warner careers, they are very friendly. They guided me through uploading my resume and very carefully handed me over to the company that does their on line testing.

The test was the same you'd expect to take if you'd shown up at Time Warner for a job interview- a little typing, a little customer service know-how. You get a half an hour to complete the test. I took 17 minutes. Not knowing how many 'questions' I was going to be asked, I rushed through. Had I known I'd have so much time left over, I'da gone slower.

Like I said, TW and the testing company was very friendly-- right up until I finished the test. "Thank you for taking the test. Good bye!" and then booted.

Back at the Time Warner site, they have listings of jobs they think I'd be interested in, a page to see any jobs I may expressed interest in for later and saved and a page to sell me product. But no page for current job applications.

Will be checking FIOS and Cablevision after the 4th. Along with visiting the Dept of Labor. I'm actually dreading the Dept of Labor. I know Crazy CPAs is going to deny my application and that is going to piss me off again.

Also, I totally forgot that one of the guys in The Cunningham Head picture is a corporate lawyer. I'm running around looking to see how much cash I have to raise for a consultation when I can get one of those for free! Mendany plus Mal and his wife are susposta have dinner within the next two weeks. For family and for brain-picking.

But all this after the 4th.


Dealing with the unemployment people can be SO DEMORALIZING. But it depends on who you get. This I heard from my husband when he went through it.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

One time Mark forgot to call (we were on vacation) at his appointed time, and naturally when that happens things get interrupted. So when we got back into town he wanted to straighten it out. He wasn't going to argue that they needed to send benefits for the missed weeks; he acknowledged that it was his error--he just wanted to get his benefits reinstated going forward.

Let me tell you, that was an amazing clusterfuck. It took multiple calls to find anyone who could help, and the person he finally got was programmed to believe he was some kind of scumbag fraud-prone complainer who was ready at any moment to start screaming at the State of Michigan over suspending his benefits. That wasn't the case at all, but this woman was incapable of comprehending that, or talking to him without suspicion and contempt. I'm sure she is forced to talk to all kinds of unhappy people all day long, but here she had a normal person whom she did her damnedest to turn into an unhappy one. I was beside myself when he told me about it.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I know, it was so awesome when those were rolling in. The trips we took! The servants we hired! Then he took ONE MEASLEY CLASS and it all came to a screeching halt.

You know, I was wondering about that. How in hell does a utility company get away with a service call at 2 in the morning? I mean, I can see it if it's for a leak or an explosion or something, but an ordinary, you make an appointment service call? That they have to pay wages for? Never mind getting a homeowner UP at that hour.

Is it even LEGAL?

Good luck with the Department of Labor. I hope you have lots of documentation to show that their 'cause' was bullshit.

The appointment maker said that the repairman would come "within 24 hours". He called at 10 pm to say he'd be here in 15 minutes then called a half hour later to say he was stuck at a job and would I mind a visit after midnight.

Well, I did mind but what could do?