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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]

These are a few of my planty plants, as opposed to my eaty plants. I've come to the conclusion that plants do whatever the hell they feel like doing and nothing I do has any affect on them at all, except to kill them, of course.

Here's the side of the stairs. If I had taken this picture two weeks ago when the rosebush was in its full glory, it would have been much more impressive. This is two hostas, the roses and a Morning Glory.

Rosey Hosta Glory

See that Morning Glory? I put a trellis down especially for him and this is how he thanks me:

Glory doing what it wants

Every day for forever I'd go out there and secure his twirly ass on the trellis. Then I didn't for three days and, behind my back, he curled up on the bannister. Naughty Glory.

The Endless Summer hydrangeas come in lanvender, blue and pink. Except for mine.

What color are you trying to be

Pink-tinged white. I know the acidity of the soil determines the color of the blooms. Perhaps my soil is too neutral. I have seen lightly colored blue, lavender and/or pink hydrangeas but usually the background color is green.

The Olympus has a setting called SuperMacro. Used it to take a picture of one of my front border Firecracker marigolds:

Firework Marigold

Totally off on a tangent. Last night my ex-co-workers took me out and got me hammered.