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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I didn't tell you a good thing that happened!

A lady who owns a dress shop in Brooklyn saw one of Dany's co-workers wearing my earrings and wants to sell some in her store. This is good because now my hobby really needs to pay for itself.

Sadly, I had to cancel the cruise to nowhere I booked for next April. Happily, I got every cent back. Also happily, Dany agrees that I should buy myself a camera with a portion of that money.

There are three working adults in our household. True, I made more than two of those salaries combined but I think we've got the main bills covered. I am debating whether or not I should cash in some of my 401K to pay off Dany's big IRS mistake and the two credit cards. I think that's the best plan. That way, if I don't get a job within a year, we won't be facing debt collectors.

Oh and another thing! Resume advice, please. I have to build mine from scratch again. It was saved on my computer-- two computers ago. How many jobs back should I go? Is 4 jobs in 30 years good or bad?

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Yeah I know about the penalties. But that tax bill is a doozy and must be paid. Figured I might as well take care of the other ones while I'm digging the hole.

I bet the IRS will set you up a paymetn plan, especially under the circumstances.

Oh, they have. It's just more than we can pay without my income. If we didn't have a car payment, it would be doable. That stupid car. Never buy American!

Time to go back and renegotiate the payment plan due to changed circumstances!

I've been told that most employers want just the last ten years. I intend to do the last twenty or so, because otherwise, it's just one job for me.

I was with the crazy CPAs for 11 years.