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The Queen of Sheeeba
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
What do you know, she CAN tell me who I can speak about!

Today I was fired for insubordination for telling Racist HR Lady she couldn't tell me who I can talk about.

I guess it's the job hunt for me.

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I thought about that on the drive home (the company very thoughtfully provided me with car service). I'll be going through my journal for dates and stuff that happened.

And now that I'm unemployed, I can clean this dump up and invite our lawyer friend over for dinner one night.

What? Seriously?

Christ on a cracker. That's rather brutal.

She didn't like me much.

I'm sure the worry about how I'm gonna pay my bills will start sooner or later but right now, I'm kinda glad I don't have to go in anymore.

Having been fired from a dysfunctional workplace myself, I know that feeling. Here's hoping for something much better where your employers aren't a bunch of fucking lunatics.

Whoa, that sucks. This company appears to have a hell of a time managing its employees correctly.

Whaaaaaaaat? That sucks.

Once you have your documentation together, you might consider filing with the EEOC. The EEOC must at least ask for a position statement, and if they decide not to champion your case, they'll issue you a "right to sue" letter.

An attorney can be quite helpful at that stage, and you might end up with a nice settlement if you file a lawsuit.

Seriously, and it might be interesting to mention that you've had to take time off to deal with medical issues. See what a lawyer makes of that.

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A woman of color over 40, with medical issues. Seriously, let me know if you need an employment lawyer licensed in NY.

Wow. Sorry to hear it, being unemployed sucking and all, but maybe it will be better in the long run. Here's to finding a place where your contributions are appreciated and rewarded.

Well that's good and fucked up. I'm sorry.

Holy shit.

I'm sorry to hear this, and I hope your search goes well.

I'm really sorry. I hope things work out quickly for you.

That's too bad. Even though it was a really messed up place to work, at least it was work. I hope things work out quickly and for the best.

Wow. I'm really stunned. I'm trying to think of a nasty thing to call her, but all of the comparisons I'm coming up with are too insulting to other party.

Definitely check into the lawsuit thing.

Or hitting her with a bus.

Seriously, holy shit. If you want a NY labor lawyer, my stepmom is one - she's not in private practice, but she must know people who are. Good luck - it's a sucky time to be job-hunting.

Be sure and apply for unemployment too. If the company doesn't fight it by saying that they fired you, then you can collect some extra money while looking for a new job.

Sucks that it happened. I hope that your next job is less full of racist folks and dumbasses.

Even if they do fight it, it's often not worth their while to show up at the second or third appeal - so appeal if you lose. It's free but it costs them time and effort to fight it.

Your performance appraisals will be helpful for a portion of it, but it's hard to fight insubordination. Showing that 1-you weren't aware there was a policy against whatever you did (if there is - make 'em produce it) and 2-they treated others differently...those may be your best bet.

Your workplace tales have always made my HR hat spin. I continue to find myself stunned by the things your workplace addressed and the things they let be.

IME most employers don't bother disputing unemployment, even if they allege the firing was justified. It's nto worth their time.