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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Experimental cookies look fabulous!

But I don't know how they taste cuz I haven't tasted them yet.

Remember that pretty mango-clementine compote I made way back? Of course you do! That's gone. Most of it went on top of a loaf of bread pudding Dany made. We'd slice the pudding and put a spoon of fruit on it.

Today I made some more. And then I mixed up some ricotta, powdered sugar, some clementine zest, a dash of vanilla and less than a teaspoon of flour because I didn't think to drain the cheese and it was a bit wet. AND THEN I made cookie dough.

The original plan was to put some ricotta and fruit and fold the cookie over it but there was no way all that was gonna fit. So I rolled out the dough (using a stoneware mug missing its handle because I don't have a rolling pin) and cut out circles (using a dry measure half cup for the bottom and 1 cup for the top because I don't have cookie cutters). Look how pretty:


Here they are all done with too much powdered sugar on them.


Now I'm gonna have Ebs eat one so she can tell me if it tastes as good as it looks.

ETA:Hot damn! These things are delicious! Now the problem is, because I had to cover them instead of folding them, there are only 10 cookies. I had to restrain Ebony from eating more than 3. I guess I'll only have the one.

Maybe Dany and/or Justin won't like them, then I can have more.


Very creative! And they do look delish. They're little cookie raviolis.

Although I can't imagine not having a rolling pin. Not having cookie cutters, okay, but no rolling pin? There are people in the jungles of Rangoon who have no written language, yet they have developed some form of rolling pin. And yet, you don't have one. The mind boggles.