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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Mobile poll posting? Let's try it!

That stupid cracked toenail is making my life miserable. It catches on everything. It is also a lovely blue/black color underneath due to the shellacking it got after I cracked it

What should I do?

The doctor's office is a cheap and fun way to spend the day
Grit your teeth and tear that fucker off. It'll only hurt for a little while
Leave it. It'll catch on something and rip itself off eventually. or grow out in a month or two

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I can't see the poll. Can you?

I can, but its missing my answer.

Trim it close (if there is anything to trim) or paint it over with nail polish (clear if possible) and apply a bandaid. Stop it from catching on things until it gets a chance to grow out a bit.

I lose toenails more often than I should admit. I break my toes a lot and stub them even more frequently. And yet, I refuse to wear shoes unless I have to.

Most often its the littler ones, but right now I'm growing out both of my big toenails from losing them earlier this year. Its a special time.

Even though I voted to go to the doctor, with all three big toenails I lost, all I did was stick a bandaid on 'em and wait for them to die off and fall off on their own.

In mobile I can only see a poll icon that is not clickable-- or touchable. Had to go to the full site to see.