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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
iPod pics of spring

I listened to alyxyn and took some fuzzy pics just to have.

On the steps are two pots of rock cress-- I hope they'll end up trailing out of the pot; ranunculus-- tried to plant them as bulbs but they failed me. These are soooo pretty. They will be regulars just like; gerbera daisies, gotta have 'em and alone on the side, primroses.

front steps

Tulips and the magnolia line my walkway. It finally looks like I always imagined it. Couldn't get it all in one shot, so here is one side and the spring front bed:

Tulips and daffies

And finally, the seedlings. The last of the snowballs (must get more, these are fantastic), two heirloom marigolds which may re-seed themselves, fireball and harlequin. And sunflowers. I don't know if the sunflowers are gonna make it. I have faith in the marigolds, they're tuff little fuckers.

border seedlings

I'd like to state once again that I am NOT responsible for the grass. I suggested to the person who is responsible for the grass, who shall remain nameless but it does starts with Dany and ends with Black Thumb of Death, that we should re-sod. But he seems hellbent on proving that paying attention to the lawn in the spring and neglecting it at all other times will some how make green, green grass.

He insists that the front lawn looks like absolute crap because I refuse to let him use weed killer. Like he needs something else to help kill green things. He absolutely LOVED the wild onion potato pancakes I made with the all the onions I pulled out of the front lawn while I did the border, plus my veggie beds are right in the middle of our side lawn (which looks almost as bad as the front lawn) and the strawberries that oughta give us plenty snacks while we grill this summer in the back and NO GODDAMNED HERBICIDES IN MY FRIGGIN GARDEN!

I have offered to take over the grass in the front lawn but Dany won't let me because he knows I'll replace it with sage or yarrow or rock cress and Dany has a dream of what a suburban utopia is and that includes a lush green front lawn.


They're not that fuzzy. ;^)

Looks nice.

I LOVE the pics! The porch looks beautiful. I don't know anyone who has been able to grow ranunculus either.