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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Stop being right at my expense and pain,

Me and the boy are going out to do the front border. He sees me putting on my 'gardening shoes': filthy, 3 dollar, open-toed skips.

"Those are not shoes to garden in, Mother," he tells me sternly. He uses 'Mother' when he's being stern. He's told me this before but they have been my gardening shoes since forever and nothing bad has happened to me. It's not like I'm landscaping, I'm just clearing weeds, laying some fabric, digging some holes and putting in some seedlings.

Outside we're working. I'm walking by him with a handful off weeds and he's headed for the front patch with the heavy-duty rake when, in my natural walking step I KICK the rake. What little toenail I have grown since it was removed a few months ago cracks right down the middle. Ouch.

But I'm a trooper. Once the sting goes away, it's not bad at all. Inside I'm reaching for a pair of sissors to cut the fabric and somehow touch the damned toe on something. I don't know what but it was very hurty. I looked and my big toe was covered in blood. The half nail cracked in half is still there, so it wasn't it falling off.

Do I have to tell you the lecture I got from my own son?


Ouch! I prefer no footware at all whenever possible, but safety first. Ow. Sorry!


New shoes for gardening?


Buy a pair of Keens in your size. Good arch support, most styles hold up to years of abuse, and the bottom sole covers up to the toes.

I am a very clumsy person. I need shoes that protect me. Especially my oft broken toes. I also hate wearing shoes. Keen sandals are a good compromise.