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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
It should always be spring.

We've had temps in the mid 50's all week, plus one glorious day of low 70s. Sure it rained and rained early in the week but that only got rid of every last vestige of the terrible snow that hung around since Christmas.

So, I put the end butt of two racks of ribs to boil in some Killian Red, peppercorns, salt and various spices. Then I told Dany to first put away the snow shovel and blower that's been living in the entrance way and fire up the grill. I also slapped together some homemade bbq sauce. Tomato paste, vinegar, honey AND a teaspoon of molasses, Wostersheestershoostershire, habanero hot sauce and some plum sauce for good measure.

Since I am far too lazy to be a good gardener, I didn't mulch the garlic last fall. I put them down and was gonna come back to mulch but then it got cold and, well, screw that. I did it today. And lemme tell ya, all that snow must have agreed with the garlic because this is the best looking crop I've grown yet. Look:

Best garlic yet

And the crocuses lining my walkway are actually lining my walkway. So pretty! Again, look!

Crocs lining my walkway

The tulips also really dug all the snow. When I put them down in past falls, I got a sprout rate of about 60%, making for a lovely, yet sparse stand. This year it looks like all the bulbs have delivered. One more time, look!

Tulips looking good

P.S. I am not responsible for the grass, so don't blame me for the straw-lawn.