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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I can't believe I married such an asshole.

So Ebony is laying on the hallway floor, writhing in pain. I tell the asshole to take her to the hospital. He rolls his eyes and sucks his teeth and doesn't move. "It's just gas."

Me: Look at her! Take her to the hospital.
Asshole: She doesn't have insurance. How are we gonna pay for it?
Me: I don't fucking care! Take her to the hospital.
Asshole: It's just gas. She'll get over it.
Me: LOOK AT HER! You are not a goddamned doctor.
Asshole: Neither are you.
Asshole: Maybe if she got up off the floor she'd feel better.
Me: Take her to the hospital right now or, I swear to God, I will fucking KILL YOU!

Acute appendicitis.


Poor Ebs.

I hope they got to it in time.

The worst kidney stone attack I ever experienced, I thought for a couple of hours that I just had to shit, but in spite of copping a squat every half hour for four hours, nothing.

Eventually it escalated to the point where I was in the ER, crying like a little girl, begging for someone to help me.

That was Ebs too. Trying to poop, drinking Brioski and hoping to belch. Until the real pain hit her on the way from the bathroom to her bedroom.

Ouchies! I assume she's hanging in there.

Also. That is why men are proportionally not in the health care system. They never want to go anywhere for anything. Except for orthopedic stuff, maybe because all the athletes get orthopedic stuff done too?

Good catch, momma bird!

Depends on the guy. Me, I have a high pain tolerance, so when something is really wrong (like my kidney stone attacks), I know it's bad. And if I tell Barb I'm in pain, SHE knows it's bad!

And if you know your kids, you can kind of tell whether they're being whiny or it's a crisis. Hal's a hypochondriac and a worrier, so every little trapped fart makes him worry. We try to patiently explain that in most cases, a little time and some antacids will take care of it.

If he was doubled up on the floor, though, I think we'd take some action.

That is 100% fair, I am way generalizing. :)

Poor babe!

I'm glad that a hospital trip was arranged. Has the asshole apologized?

He's too afraid of me right now. Well, he's asleep right now as I should be.

I'm glad she's got you, at least. Sheesh.