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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Breakfast of Jewish Champions!

Dany got up early this morning and bought a dozen fresh assorted bagels, chive cream cheese, veggie cream cheese, whitefish and some Nova.

While I like to put any and all of that on top of a garlic and/or onion bagel, Dany grosses me out every time by putting whitefish on a cinnamon raisin.

P.S. The Nova was awesome. It was very sad that we only had enough for all to get one teeny, tiny thin slice. That stuff is expensive.


All right-thinking people know that you put peanut butter on cinnamon-raisin bagels.

My mom loved Nova lox. It was one of her few treats to herself. My brother can not really get where he lives out in the wilds of central Ohio and gorges on it when he comes back east.

I used to not like lox that much. I found it far too salty. But then someone gave me Nova lox. I do not remember who or why but it was a very large vacuum pack of the stuff. At the time, I did not appreciate what an expensive gift it was. But I sure did appreciate what a delicious gift it was.

I try to be open minded about what other people do and what they eat. I mean, really, how does it effect me? But fish on cinnamon raisin? Ew! And you have to LIVE with that!

I'm not sure cinnamon raisin bagels really belong in the bagel category in the first place.

Oh, they have their function; mostly toasted with butter or peanut butter, but I've always thought bagels should not be sweet. Cinnamon raisin bagels are almost like donuts masquerading as bagels.