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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
How much would you pay for these? Please answer the question before you read the whiny post.

Black and Silver Chandeliers

Dany's co-worker, who has bought earrings from me before, requested some fancy bling for a black and silver ball in November. "I want people to know I have my own personal jewelry maker." Is how Dany said she put it.

The idea for these earrings came to me. This here one earring is a test to see if my idea would work. Because you can think something'll work in your head but in practice. , , not so much. This idea worked great, I think.

I'd feel comfortable selling a pair of these earrings using these materials for ten bucks. See, I don't buy jewelry that can't be found at the 99 cent store. It's too expensive, especially since I don't wear jewelry and will lose and/or break anything I try to wear.

The thing is, those are sort of a mock-up of what I really want to make. I want to replace all the quartz chips in the chain with the same Swarovski crystals I used on the very top and bottom. I want to replace the cheap colored brass rings with sterling silver ones. And I wanna make fancy sterling silver ear wires. It'll bling-bling like nobody's business.

The thing is, that'll push the price of materials alone to well over 10 dollars a pair. I, personally, would never pay more than 10 dollars for a pair of earrings. If I want to make a profit on them, I'd have to charge more than I'd be willing to pay for them.

I'm terrible at this!


They're not quite the style I would wear, but I'd pay $35 to $50 for silver and crystal, depending on the length.