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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Good Bye big toe nail.

My old foot doctor cut back his hours so much that I can't get to see him, so I made an appointment with a new foot guy because I couldn't stand my toe any more. The pressure from my sock was causing me pain.

After he pared down my massive callouses, he started to clip the ingrown nail while I tried very hard not to scream and jump. Then he stopped. "We're gonna need Novocaine."

The cold spray was not very helpful. He shot the toe up, left, came back, touched the toe up, shot it up again, left, came back, touched the toe up some more, left, came back and shot the toe up a third time.

When he started pulling out the embedded nail he was shocked. "This is the worse I've seen in a long, long time! It's almost a quarter of an inch in!" And then, "Oh, no wonder it took so much Novo, pus is pouring out from under it!"

Didn't need a shoebootie with my extra deep ortho shoes. I just put my sock right over the bandages and my shoe right over that. When I got home and took off the shoe, my sock was soaked in blood. I felt nothing. Still feel nothing. But I believe I will be crying in a few hours.


I personally always take it as an accomplishment when I shock the doctor. Be proud!

It made me feel less like a big, whiny baby because I complained that my toe was really killing me.

I know, it makes you all warm inside. I only wish one would be a little sick.

Oh my god. I have a thing about ingrown toenail stories and this is really doing it for me. I hope everything heals up nicely.

I agree, there's something really satisfying about shocking the doctor. I do think some of them go into it looking forward to the shock potential, like dermatologists.

Hoping you recover soon!

OMG, Big_girl! Were you able to re-bandage your toe? I have to say, my own big toe is throbbing empathetically, if that helps at all. I'm so sorry and am sending healing thoughts to your toe and feet in general; I do know that when the feet are hurting, it's a bad thing.

KInda makes you wonder if your first foot doctor knew what he was doing.

I liked him. He really helped me. But he cut back his hours to 8 am to 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was too hard to get to see him so I stopped making appointments.

Compared to the way my feet used to hurt before the orthopedics, the toe hurt seemed minor. Until it wasn't.

In just the last couple of weeks I finished healing from getting the sides/corners of my big toes (hopefully) permanently killed.

They feel awesome. Totally worth it, even if they do grow back.