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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
More snow. It makes me think on my very bad gardening.

Wouldn't this Ring of Fire sunflower look terrific on the border?

I was willing to overlook the fact that they grow to about 5' (much too tall for a front border) but they are also very late blooming. Green stalks for most of the summer isn't gonna do it. Perhaps in the front bed in between the hydrangeas.

We planted a whole bunch of new tulip and crocus bulbs to line the walkway and for the life of me I cannot remember what kind they were.

Fingers crossed for the hardy hibiscus planted by the stairs. It took me forever to put it in the ground. I mean months. Justin was convinced it was dead- it certainly looked dead- and that pissed him off since I begged for it for Mother's Day. It did look very close to dead when I get it down in, I think the end of August. Once in the ground it rebounded and grew 2 flowers (which I shoulda pinched so that the plant could use its energy growing bigger and stronger-- but they were so pretty) but the cold came rather quickly. I did put a warm blanket of mulch around it and the hydrangeas.

The potted lavender has finally lost all of its green and the potted columbine is gone. It never disappeared so totally before. I wonder if they'll come back.

Those hydrangeas have caused me much woe. They were the first perennials I put down. There were two the first year and three the next. As they grew I realized the spacing wasn't going to work so I moved two of them a few feet. This was the spring before last. All three of them got angry. One died and the other two refused to flower that summer. They did flower last summer somewhat half-heartedly. They also don't seem to be getting that much bigger. I've been wanting to replace the Endless Summer ones I got with Nikko Blues, but The Boy is vehemently against it. All the plants are his babies and does not like talk of killing them.

Which reminds me of the uproar I caused trying to get rid of the scraggly and unimpressive rose bush that came with the house. You'da thought from the reaction of my family that I had proposed hanging one of the cats from it. This is expected from Justin but totally surprising coming from Dany and Ebony. I didn't think they payed any attention to what was growing out there.

Though I did mulch the front bed, I never did the garlic bed. Must resist being the worst and laziest gardener ever and mulch in March or April or the weeds will win.

Whelp, since I'm not putting the Ring of Fire sunflowers in the front border, I should be thinking about marigolds. I have seeds but I want new ones because NEW! The Snowball and Flagstaff marigolds I started from seed did much better than the French type ones I bought from the nursery-- the first time that ever happened. I should stick to what works. But. . . NEW! Like these Clymaxes. Or these French Queen Sophias. NEW! PRETTY! Yeah, I've gotten 3 seed catalogs since the new year.

The peat pots and soil should be ordered soon. I wish to also replace the plain florescent lights in the craft/grow room with honest-to-goodness plant lights, but those things are real expensive.

Anyway, I hate snow.


I'm leery of putting in annuals...plant things that are just gonna die anyhow? GAH!
I have a bunch of irises and daffodils I need to move but I'm afraid they'll all hate me forever and die pathetic little deaths.

Planting annuals is fun! You get to plant pretty flowers every year.

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