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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Wanna waste a bunch of time?

Browse Hammacher Schlemmer. While your there, don't miss the video on this product.

Sad News. I heard the last Kodachrome film has been developed. Let's mark its passing with a song.

You give us those nice bright colors
You give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!

I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away


That song is crazy! You don't take a photograph with Kodachorme, it's slide film!

(Isn't it? I think it is, but I could be wrong.)

He takes his pictures with his Nikon but uses Kodachrome film to give his pictures that digital look.

I think it's a drug reference of some sort.

Isn't Kodachrome a process?

It's film that only can be developed by an expensive process.

Both actually. A process to develop the film. Same name to avoid confusion.

It's a dessert topping AND a floor wax!

And boy! Can it catch fish! (I know, wrong reference, but I think I'm funny.)