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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Finally alone.

And I got straight to work. Except I've been doing many things and finishing none.

Cleared the dining room table of all my jewelry crap, Dany's papers and all the stuff that belonged in the garbage. Did not clear it of my photography crap, things that are not garbage but don't belong on the table nor have I washed it down.

Scrubbed all the glass of the display case. Polished the art. Have not put everything back into the case.

Pulled down all the pictures, scrubbed the glass, spruced up the frames and replaced all the pictures with new ones. Have not re-hung the pictures.

Made sofrito. Have not made the achiote oil.

Wanted to scrub the window in the tub/shower. It is pretty gross as is the whole bathroom. There are no vents in the bathroom and we have a mold problem. The window is the worst because it is IN the shower bath and is painted very, very white. Found out a few minutes ago we have no bleach. Sprayed it with orange clean stuff, hoping that will work.

I am now wasting time on the internet.

ETA: The Orange Clean only angered the mold.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Fuck that! I called and told Dany to bring some. Tomorrow is another day.

You also need to install an exhaust fan in that bathroom.

This is true. But first we have to upgrade the electricity. We had an electrician come over a while ago to ask about installing exhaust and putting lights in our kitchen. He told us our wiring is pretty much fucked as the previous owners did some crazy diy wiring.

That'll happen right after we fix the roof. Ah, I love my money pit.

Michelle - you'd be better off calling on HGTV and one of their folks to see if they'll come fix that wiring for ya! Only thing is you'd have to agree to be on tv. LOL That guy Bryan, I bet he'd do a great job too!!