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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
So much drama yesterday, I didn't get a chance to tell you

about my AWESOME Christmas present. I asked for it. I told my peeps to get together and buy it for me because I knew one of them couldn't afford it but together it was just about doable. I have asked for expensive 'group gifts' before and never got 'em.

I should have guessed when Ebs asked for my nano to ride in the car. She asks for my nano all the time but usually when she's going out for a run. Didn't think much of it. Dunno the way it works but they turned in the nano and got a discount on my iPod touch.

As I have ranted in the past, Dany is a terrible gift giver. TERRIBLE. His gifts have literally brought me to tears and not in a good way. The kids are always thoughtful but broke. This year they both had jobs and handheld Dany into the Apple Store (Justin tells me it was a great sacrifice- walking into an Apple Store with all those damned hipsters) and actually got me what I asked for.

I am not exaggerating when I say I teared up-- in a good way-- when my wrapped present was handed to me. It was from Santa and his helper elves. Ebony turned to Justin when I read the tag and cried, "I told you we shoulda put it in a bigger box!"

Anyways, it has taken me two days to realize just how AWESOME my Touch is. All 8,000 of my songs fit. ALLADEMS! Plus-- the internet. Plus, plus, plus. . . apps! Lotso lovely free apps. Free! My favorite price!

I can't, however, read message boards. The screen is far too tiny. There is a forum reader app, which I guess would take care of that problem. Only it isn't free. It's three dollars. Not up to paying for anything yet. Especially since the iPod is Wi-Fi and not 3G. Not sure if I can surf at work.

Best Christmas EVA!


Welcome! Don't bother with the LJ app, it's only for posting (free though)
There are awesome crafting apps, my fave isn't free, but it's a pro goldsmith's app.
Files are fun, make sure you have te most recent OS

Did you get te one with the mic and camera? You can skype with it on wifi

iPod touch is so squee!

Tell me more about these crafting apps! Please.

Sorry to take so long to get back!
I love Brushes for sketching, which appeared at the same time as the iPad, I think. It's nifty with layers and lots of brush styles.

There are knitting counters and teach you to knit or quilt apps, candle making, origami, weaving... I like the educational Art apps (particularly Art Lite, I ended up getting the full app eventually), looking at paintings and photographs can be very inspiring.
Be careful to read reviews. Frequently people are very good about saying exactly what they like and don't like about the apps. (For example, there's a whole set of crafting apps that appear to be an excuse to sling bible quotes at you. Very odd.)

I'm looking forward to the iDeviant app update, it might lead me to actually use my account on DeviantArt!

(oh, my, is the iTunes store hard to search! from the home page it's in the right hand column under "power search" and in the iPod it's a direct option. How odd that you can't search from every page!)

Err, maybe that isn't useful. Use search, use comments, use lite versions of the apps.

Mark loves his iPod Touch. In fact, he loves it so much that he goes through about one a year. He travels a lot and is much rougher on electronics than I am, so a year lifespan is pretty good, I guess. For him.

I have an iPod Touch as well, but the only app I've got on it that I use is for XM Radio, which is the only reason I bought it. Enjoy it!

That's a great story. I'm glad you got what you wanted. But they need to learn to disguise the presents a little better. That's what I did with Barb's present, and she never had a clue, which made it even sweeter.

Enjoy your best gift evah, Michelle!