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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
She's taken refuge at Burger King

It took me, Justin and Dany 2 hours to dig a path to the street. The street that hasn't been plowed. And then Dany got stuck in the street. Our across-the-street neighbor, who had been digging his car out, lent his shovel to our efforts. At first he thought he was helping us get the car back into the driveway but when we told him Ebs was stuck at the bus terminal in Queens, he got in front of the car and helped dig a path up to the cross street.

Justin got in the car with the shovel. He's riding shotgun.

At about 7 the MTA kicked everyone out of the terminal building. People aren't really supposed to be inside the terminal building but I think the workers had a hard time watching all the people freezing to death waiting for a bus they knew was not coming.

Ebony was quite calm during this whole thing-- until she got kicked out of the depot. She called crying and saying she was going to start walking home. The 165th Street Terminal is more than 20 miles away. Maybe I'm an over-protective mother but walking 20 miles in two feet of snow while snowing at 18 degrees seemed a mite dangerous to me.

The boys drove off about 45 minutes ago. I don't expect them to get there any time soon. Especially since I told them to go slow. I'm sure being stranded for 10 hours is bad but having your dad and brother killed trying to reach you would be worse.

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Justin has done that walk in the past. In the spring. Even then I said he was crazy.

I hope you keep us posted on what's going on and where people are. I'm worried about your family. I don't think even my AWD Subaru with the new snow tires could make that drive.