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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
How fast can we make a good dinner?

I love rice. I could have rice with every meal-- and not those teaspoon servings you non-Borinquenos wanna give me. Rice and meat should be AT LEAST equal. But, to my shame, the only rice I know how to cook into edible rice is Success. Dunno what happened to me.

This was killing me, especially since you can make about 20 times the rice with regular rice than you can for the same amount of money spent on Success. I finally gave in and bought a rice cooker two months ago.

At the office Christmas party all the useful gifts were disparaged something awful. A family sized George Forman grill, 25 bucks worth of double A batteries and a Hamilton Beach food chopper were all met with derision by the partners.

All three of those gifts were traded vigorously by us plebs. I ended up the happy owner of the grill. I always wanted a George Foreman grill, just never got around to buying one.

Tonight we had yellow rice with onions, ancho chilies and mushrooms with garlic and rosemary encrusted tilapia. One hour and fifteen minutes from "What are you making for dinner?" to "Ooh, this is good."


The only rice that ever works for me is basmati. Have you ever tried that? I refuse to find space for another single-use kitchen appliance, especially when I can use the space for a 10kg bag of basmati. Plus it smells lovely all by itself.