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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Damn, that woman is petty, illogical and controlling.

Due to a major US bank's inability to read English, I had to re-print a bunch of letters, white-out the date and stamp 'COPY' on them all. I went to our mailroom guys and asked if they had a COPY stamp.

"No. Racist HR Lady says that every time she lends it out she never gets it back. Therefore, we cannot have our own COPY stamp," says Smiley and shrugs at the stupidity.

So I take my stack of letters and head to the HR office where Racist HR Lady pulls the stamp out of her desk drawer, takes my letters, turns her back on me and furtively stamps them herself.

Why? Why can't our mailroom guys buy their own stamp that says 'copy'? WTF is wrong with that bitch?


She's giving you crap about one of these? For $3+?


I dunno. There was probably some terrible copy stamp incident that I'm unaware of. I hope The Big Kahuna succeeds in his plan to get us the fuck away from there.

This makes her "Indispensable". She has Something that Other People need to do Their Jobs and she isn't going to relinquish it without a struggle.

Also, she's a crazy cuntflap. That pretty much explains it.