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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
There has not been a work post in a very long while

That is because I've been working and not posting.

One major development: Victim has friended me on Facebook. I friended her back.

See, my 8 week stint at our Garden City site had me sitting up in reception with her for 3 whole weeks, answering Douchbaum Lawyer's e-mails. We have just about the same very bad taste in music and my iPod Nano was permanently docked in her stand. We sang loudly and terribly every day of those 3 weeks. This is an actual conversation we had:

Victim: We had our misunderstandings and fights, but we're friends!
Me: Victim, I hate to mislead you. We are not friends.

Didn't matter. She has decided we are bestest buddies and that's that. I guess I wasn't that convincing. Especially since I helped her with the speech she gave at her mother's surprise 60th birthday party. She had random thoughts that she emailed me and I put them together for her.

Unlike Victim, I have a problem being a bitch just for being a bitch's sake. Plus, I feel sorry for her. That girl has real issues. Still-- we are not friends. Being friends involves a bit of trust, a dash of admiration and a general liking of that person. Pity, distrust and a sort of revolted fascination does not a friend make.


Ohhhh... the party. That makes more sense.