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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
There has not been a work post in a very long while

That is because I've been working and not posting.

One major development: Victim has friended me on Facebook. I friended her back.

See, my 8 week stint at our Garden City site had me sitting up in reception with her for 3 whole weeks, answering Douchbaum Lawyer's e-mails. We have just about the same very bad taste in music and my iPod Nano was permanently docked in her stand. We sang loudly and terribly every day of those 3 weeks. This is an actual conversation we had:

Victim: We had our misunderstandings and fights, but we're friends!
Me: Victim, I hate to mislead you. We are not friends.

Didn't matter. She has decided we are bestest buddies and that's that. I guess I wasn't that convincing. Especially since I helped her with the speech she gave at her mother's surprise 60th birthday party. She had random thoughts that she emailed me and I put them together for her.

Unlike Victim, I have a problem being a bitch just for being a bitch's sake. Plus, I feel sorry for her. That girl has real issues. Still-- we are not friends. Being friends involves a bit of trust, a dash of admiration and a general liking of that person. Pity, distrust and a sort of revolted fascination does not a friend make.


How can you have a surprise 60th birthday? That makes no sense! Last year you had your 59th birthday, so this year, of course, it's your 60th. There's no surprise in that.

Silly people.

The party was a surprise. I'm sure her mom knew her birthday was coming.

The surprise part of the party had Victim freaking out. Her mom doesn't like surprises and Victim was sure her mom was gonna punch her out or curse out the assemblage.

Which calls to question why Victim threw her mom a surprise party when she knows how much her mom hates surprises.

Ohhhh... the party. That makes more sense.