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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Convince me it's not because I'm getting old.

Been at the new site for four weeks now. Except for 4 days (3 of them I had a some little germ and would have worked through it if my co-workers woulda just stayed away from me) I've not worked less then 10 hours a day. Most Mondays and Fridays it's 7am to 8pm.

It's not hard work or physical work. I push papers and pixels. They aren't very heavy at all. Only, by the time I get home I feel like the next day after the first day of gym class. I'm beat.

Blonde Napolean browbeat Sleazy Lawyer into answering his e-mails. So now, instead of not ever opening his box so that he gathers 600 of them, all needing answers before an October 5th deadline, he spends 15 minutes a day working soooo hard answering all those crazy, annoying people. Blonde refuses to do it any more and she tells me to do it. It does have to get done after all.

But you know, she's a conniving witch and she cannot stand Sleazy Lawyer. Few people can. She tells me to search his e-mail for things that must be answered and then turn everything I touch back to 'not read'. Which I do.

Hey, you know what other really dumb thing Sleazy Lawyer does? He CC's himself on all his e-mails. Why? What reason could he possibly have for doing such a stupid thing? Out of the 600 pieces of shit he had in his box dating back to August, 65 were him to himself. What a stupid hunk of fuck. I don't think he knows about his sent file. How could he? He never opens his goddamned e-mail. This also shows me that since August he's only answered 65 emails.

Besides Sleazy Lawyer who is in waaaaay over his head, it's nice over at the other site. There's work to do and everybody does it. It's a thousand times more relaxed. We talk, we laugh we get things done. I like that in an office.

The deadline's passed and the general e-mail box has slowed down to a trickle. Surprising how fast that happened. I think we were getting close to 1,000 e-mails a day. Me, Victim, Sleazy Lawyer and Blonde Napoleon were on that detail. Today I don't think we got 200. Spent most of the day sorting mail. Yeah, we got over 100,000 pieces of mail yesterday and today.

Today I left at 6 so I'm all full of words.