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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
What a productive day!

First I finished the jewelry and then I finally dealt with my public shame. That it is a wonderfully delightful 75 degrees outside helped.

Remember my shameful front bed? Here's a reminder:

Under bay window

It was just too hot and humid for me and I didn't last 10 minutes out in it. My beautiful Asiatic lily paid for my sloth with it's life. I also thought that two of my three hydrangeas and the hardy hibiscus The Boy got for me for Mother's Day also went to that big bed in the sky, but no. Only one of the hydrangeas died. When I cleared the forest of weeds, this happy little guy poked his head out at me hopefully.

Jesus Hibiscus

I call him Jesus. He's now in the ground, a little worse for wear. Hopefully he'll make through winter.

Monster Iris has been somewhat tamed. Here are his babies looking for a new home.

Iris cuttings

Two are spoken for. If anybody wants to swing by and get one. . .. Yeah, I didn't think so. Justin insisted on keeping Daddy Beard no matter how much I tried to explain that the original old rhizome will probably not ever bloom again.

The fall bed:

Fall front bed

In case anyone wants to know. From left to right: Celosia in the pot. Behind the celosia is the hibiscus. Gerbera daisy in a pot. Back row are the two remaining hydrangeas, the front are the Bearded irises, thinned and separated. The gigantic red coleus that withstood total dryness and being knocked over daily. I'd come home from work and find it on it's side and knocked out of it's pot at least 3 days a week. In front of the coleus are lavender and anthurium (whose common name I just found out is Oilcloth flower).