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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Many things have happened.

I've not had internet since Friday. Saturday I got sick. Monday at work I was told that my germs were not wanted and to come back when I could refrain from coughing and sneezing. I can understand but I cannot afford being out of work now. This is cutting into my Thanksgiving/Christmas time off.

Only one bookcase survived the storm last week. The bigger one got soaked and warped so badly the back sprung loose. The selves, that were not inside the case, swelled up and didn't fit in the backless thing. And the trim I put on became unstuck at the bottom, got warped and stuck out like dumb-ass un-stuck trim. The smaller bookcase was shielded from the worst of it and survived.

This may not be a bad thing as I don't think they would have fit in the space I had planned for it. More of that famous notmeasuring style of mine. Plus, I didn't have to re-spray paint the bookcase I threw away. I so much didn't like the red I bought dark brown paint in a can. Only my painting skills suck and the brown paint job looked terrible.

So after a bit more than 3 weeks of totally dismantling the dining room and, in the process, wrecking the living room, I have started the remantling. Lookit here:

That's it

The bookcase on the bottom is about half as tall as the one I threw away. No way they both would have fit this way. I am NOT going to ruin the expensive and very well made and stained bottom case with a diy disaster. But if I could find a ten dollar piece of crap to hammer and glue on I would cuz I think this would look much better if the two cabinets matched.

Last weekend in between sleeping, crapping and coughing, I made this bracelet:

Tape Bracelet

Did you ever get a roll of tape that doesn't work? We had rather expensive packing tape with string-like things in it. Only it refused to unroll itself in one piece. It was a frustrating piece of shit and whoever forgot its evil ways and tried to tape something with it ended up flinging it away in disgust.

Well, I fixed that tape's little red wagon. I made a bracelet out of him. I may or may not spray it with glossy enamel.