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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
And I haven't ever worked on this project, so I'm flying partially blind.

I'm now at the other location (which is good because it's closer to home and there's overtime) because Sleazy Lawyer had to go to the ER on Monday and have his gallbladder removed. Victim, who calls herself his 'assistant', freaked out and said she needed help answering his e-mail. Sleazy Lawyer is on record saying, "I don't do e-mails."

So Sleazy Lawyer goes to the hospital on Monday, I get there Tuesday morning and there are almost 400 e-mails dating back to fucking JUNE! The explanation: We go through the easy ones fast so that they don't pile up, the ones that take a while to answer sit for a while.

They get about 20 e-mails a day and have managed to have a backlog of 378 of them because they are the two most non-working motherfuckers to ever get a steady paycheck.

When I left today it was down to 223.


So roughly two more days, and their e-mails will be totally cleared up.

The people you work with amaze me. Of course, it's all being filtered through you, but one could easily believe your company is the most dysfunctional office on earth. How anything manages to get done is beyond me. The fact that you're still in business amazes me.