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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I can't beleive I didn't tell this story!

Me and The Boy were searching high and low for the brads that were never found. In a far corner of the kitchen we have this small, strange triangular shelf over the radiator. There we keep our little used hardware stuffs. Under all this dusty stuff Justin found an old, dusty, white cardboard box with the name of a church on it. We thought maybe it was an old piece of wedding cake until we tried to lift it. It was heavy. Inside was another box, this one black. Inside THAT box was a sealed plastic bag.

"Hey Dany, do you know what this box is?" I ask.

"Yeah. That's Roy."

Dany's third oldest brother Roy died shortly after we moved here. He has been sitting there, unknown to most of us and forgotten by one of us, gathering dust.

Poor Roy. He had become distant from his family. They hadn't heard anything bout him for a good 7 years before they were contacted by a hospital that he was there and about to die. Drugs and street living killed him at the age of 67. It somehow fell to Dany to make arraignments. I dunno how these things always seem to somehow fall on Dany. He's the surprise baby of all of his siblings, half of them are old enough to be his parent.

So he did. There was a small memorial service and that was that. Or so I thought. It never dawned on me that there was no burial.

I put him in this. He'll go on top of the bookcases once they're done and put in place.


You are reminding me of Chebo, the very silly husband of a former co-worker. He used to joke that if she died before him, he would have her cremated and put the urn on his coffee table, so he could introduce women to his wife.

Barb gets upset when I introduce her as "my first wife."

You'd think after 28 years, she'd be used to it.

My crazy dogwalker, Melodee, keeps her last ex-husband in a ceramic jar by her bed. She gets mad at him sometimes and used to offer me the jar "to keep brownies or cookies in or something" at least once a month. I always declined.

That's a very pretty box for dear departed Roy. Much better than a dusty cardboard box.

Did you ever find the brads?

Nope. Bought new ones.

That's a lovely box. Where did you get it?

My cousin, who died about a year ago, didn't even make it to 50. In his case it was alcoholism that killed him. So now he resides in something or other in the attic of his ex-wife, alongside the ashes of his mom and dad. I hear their son goes up to it from time to time to visit.

Man, that's depressing.

I made it. It's a cigar box tiled with glass but not grouted.

I should explain. I didn't make it on the spot. It's supposed to go under the TV. I was going to grout it in black like the TV. But like many of my recent mosaic stuff, I never got around to grouting it.

The fact that it's glass and I need unsanded grout for it made it that much easier to not finish.

That will be a nice "final" resting place for Roy.


It's crazy how heavy ashes are. Mom wanted to be cremated so that was my first experience with all that.

Beautiful box you found for him!