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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
More bitching than crafting.

When I think of doing a thing, I can see it in my head. There's a plan in my head that seems quite doable. The problem is that. . . it's in my head. There's no telling what is going to happen outside of my head.

The plan was to put molding around the two cheap bookcases that hold books and DVDs in the now bare-floored dining room. I got what I thought was enough molding to do this. Only it wasn't. After cutting the long sides of the smaller bookcase it was obvious there wasn't enough. This is because I looked at the bookcases, went to Home Desperate, looked at the molding and said, 'Yeah, that looks like enough in my head" instead of doing the right thing and measuring.

This isn't too bad though. Instead of only doing the outside of the smaller bookcase, I have enough to put molding on all of the shelves. This'll make it look better, I think.

Did I mentioned I had in my head a plan to miter the edges? Even though I was so scared of our tiny circular saw that I actually entertained using the saws-all? Did I also mention that I have no table or saw horse or nothing. I was gonna miter the edges by eye using either a saws-all or a circular saw I was scared of. The mitered edges went out the window pretty quickly.

O.K., old, gross bookcase sprayed down with a high pressure water thingy. Wax from untold number of candles sanded away. Molding cut. Wood glue at the ready. Stapler gun with brads. . . bradless. I know I bought a big box of brads to fit this staple gun a long time ago. Just don't know where they are. How'm I gonna hold the molding down until the wood glue dries?

The answer is-- scrap slate. Right now big pieces of landscape-type slate are holding down the molding on the side. In a minute I'm going to see if the cross ones fit.

This is what happens when you don't know what you are doing.


If you want to cut miters and power tools scare you, get a miter box and a backsaw. I use one for picture-framing a lot, because I am too lazy to drag out the table saw.

I do the exact same thing. I'm also bad at 'measure twice, cut once.'