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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
The rest of Ebony's Lost Weekend.

Friday was the last day for daycamp. The all of the counselors became good friends over the summer and they decided to go out with a bang. After work they modified their bodies. Well, not all of them. Ebs got a tattoo, one got her nipple re-peirced (Ebony says she asked if everybody could hear her screaming) and their supervisor got his ear done. Then it was the 'Over 21 party' at a co-worker's house.

7:30 Saturday morning, Ebs comes downstairs dressed and ready for work at her job at the health club. "What time did you get in?" I ask.

"Oh, I dunno. Four, four-thirty," she answers. She chats with me for a while, telling me about the nipple pierce girl who EVERY one heard screaming. She looks a little tired as can be expected from someone who just got in 3 hours ago.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. I don't know how a person can come from my loins and be so different. She's calm (although she does have a huge melodramatic streak-- my contribution, I'm afraid), thoughtful and quiet. And she doesn't drink much, which explains why not one of us saw this coming.

About 11 o'clock or so the phone rings. I pick it up and get, "I don't know where I am and I think I'm dying!"

It took a couple of tries before I can understand what the girl is saying. She's hoarse and on her cellphone which normally sounds to me as if she's under water.

"Hang on. Talk to your brother. I'm deaf and I can barely understand you. By the way, I are not going to die. You'll only wish you were dead."

What had happened was--- she got to work, felt sick but she tried to tough it out. An hour in she was told to go home. On the ride home she began to feel really, really sick. And weird. And she had to get off the train to puke, only she didn't know what train station she got off the train at and now she's soooo sick she's going to die. She knows she's going to die. She never felt this bad before and she doesn't know where she is.

Justin assures her again that she's not going to die. He talks her down from calling an ambulance. He calms her down enough so that she can check out her surroundings and find out where the hell she is.

My cell rings. It's Dany. He's on his way to his brother's house in Brooklyn, giving him a ride into Manhattan. Apparently Ebony called him first and asked to be picked up from work, only he was on his way to Frankie's.

By now Ebony has figured out that she's in Jackson Heights. That's in Queens. At least she was going in the right direction on her

Dany asks why Justin is still in the house and not on his way to find his sister.

"You're the one with the car!" Justin yells.

"I'm in Brooklyn!" Dany yells.

"Well, you should be in Queens! That's where Ebony is!" Justin yells.

Me, I'm caught between amused and alarmed. The poor girl is obviously experiencing a hangover for the ages and has never, ever had to live through a regular hangover but-- damn, it's hilarious! She's DYING!

Anyways, Justin puts on his pants while Dany freaks out with me over the phone and goes gets his sister. She finally figures out what train station she got off on and advises Justin to follow the puke to the bench she is sitting on.

The End.

P.S. Like the new icon? She looks pretty good for someone who faced death down with her cell phone just hours earlier.

P.P.S. Ebony on why she didn't think anything was wrong.

"I felt the way I felt after the bbq and the party and the boat ride: Wishing I could sleep more and maybe a little giddy. I don't know why it turned so bad. The only thing I did different this time was to have 3 or 4 shots of vanilla vodka and Terry made me a special drink that tasted really sweet and delicious. I couldn't taste the Hennessy at all."


I'm sorry Ebs is dying, but that's a great new icon you got out if it all. She's a pip. :)

Ha! I edited the entry before I checked the comments. I love that picture of her.

Hoo boy. I had to get off the train to puke once. It's funnier when it's happening to someone else. :D

And if you can't taste the alcohol, it won't have any effect on you.

Oh, GAWD, poor Ebs.

Awwwww! Sweet experience, it comes and gets us all at some point or another.
Is she old enough that you can laugh? Or do they ever get that old?

She's 24 and I laughed while it was happening, once I knew she was safe and only dying. Also knew that either her father or her brother would get her-- eventually.