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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Fuck it, I'm gonna have to make me a dinner icon.

I got 16 empanada shells and was busting with ideas of what to put in them. Yesterday I made a traditional ground beef one since I had sofrito, anchos, achiote and allspice and all that other PR stuff. Then I made desert ones with thinly sliced bananas, a little almond extract some nutmeg and cinnamon. This angered my family a whole lot. Seriously. "There's no more?!!" "We only get four?!" "That's not a whole dinner!" I offered them the extra meat filling wrapped in lettuce, which they ate but it didn't make them happy.

Today I bought 30 of empanada rounds. I thought this would make them happy. They wondered why I didn't get 40- you know, cuz they're 4 of us. I also tried to put them in the freezer because there is something wrong with making the same thing for dinner two days in a row. They would not hear of it.

So I told them to go peel and dice potatoes, cut some pork chop into thin strips, slice up some mushrooms, peel and dice apples, chop veggies and slice bananas. I'm thinking curried potatoes in some, stir fried pork and mushrooms with Hosin sauce in others. They all want the banana one again so I'll make some of those. With the apples I'm not sure if I'll do an apple pie type filling or experiment with honey and raisins.

Having 3 sou chefs makes cooking a lot more fun and easy.

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I was thinking about hamburger-like ground beef and American cheese but I wasn't sure if the cheese would behave itself and stay inside.