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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Things will never be the same again.

They just keep getting worse. Good thing I watch HGTV all the time so I know it's always chaos before the quiet.



The chaos spills over into the living room.


And for what? So far-- this much:

So far so good

It's not that I didn't always know it but this carpet thing is really driving it home. My family won't do anything. They'll help me do things no problem. But try asking any one of them to do something. "Can you move the table over another foot or so and then get the carpet?" "Sure." "Of course!" "I'm gonna." "Any minute now." "In a bit." "I'll get right on it." "Tomorrow." "Next weekend for sure!"

So I move the furniture and start ripping the carpet and shame them into helping. Then they get to do the things that I find the worst. I haven't rolled up and tied a piece of carpet yet and have only pried off one piece of tack board.

In other news, I've found a lot of my Puerto Rican at the corner store. They have achiote. I've also made a good batch of sofrito and frozen it. Got a cup of achiote oil sitting on my counter. When I made the arroz con pollo the other day it was such a big hit they all wanted it again the next day. I dunno, there's something wrong with cooking the same exact meal for dinner two days in a row. So I made linguine carbonara in between the two chicken and rice meals.

Chicken fried in achiote oil-- damn, that's good stuff.


Man, I'm envious of your beautiful wood floor. When I pulled up the carpet in my 1918 farmhouse, underneath I found an atrocious asbestos linoleum in a hideous diamond pattern. Decided to cover that up with parquet. :(

Don't get discouraged, your floors are going to look amazing when you're done!

They aren't gorgeous just yet. At first we thought we'd sand and poly the floor ourselves but now that I see that 'ourselves' means 'myself'-- not gonna happen.

Even though I do wanna give one of those giant sanders that they rent at Home Depot a whirl.

Speaking as someone who has actually done this, my advice to you is: hire someone.

Seriously, refinishing floors is quite literally the WORST job I've done at me house. Terrible. Horrible. So bad, I don't care if the last two rooms ever get done. It's filthy, dirty, exhausting, endless, and very difficult to do well, no matter how diligent you are with cleaning.

Hire someone. You'll thank me later