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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
This is more than 3 years in the making.

Dany says he's going out to mow and I should go out and weed the bed under the bay window because it's in such bad shape. Like he didn't just see me move even more furniture further to one side of the dining room. I'm gonna now take the found box-cutter and score another strip.

When you watch HGTV they strip a whole floor of carpet in no time. This can be done. All you need are 5 or 6 people. Maybe I can get The Boy to weed while I strip. The Girl is at work. Things move at a glacial pace here at Chateau de WTF.

Ya know, before the furniture came in we pulled up two rooms of carpet in no time. Then after the furniture came in, the upper stair landing came up in a few hours-- no furniture there. Then. . . nobody wanted to move the furniture to get to the rest of the carpet. Not only was it a lot of work but there was no where to put the moved furniture. The cats spraying back there was the motivating factor for me. That piece of carpet had to go. I couldn't live with it. Too dumb and lazy to think of moving the stuff around and getting the carpet piecemeal until then.

We'll be grilling later in the day. The hot has finally stopped beating us down. That'll be the fun part of the day. I'm so boring and content.


I wanna grill, too. I actually had a short Saturday to work; got home at noon, of all times!

Even if it's only burgers, or something like that, I wanna grill, though.