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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Still home, decided to work.

Moved the chairs, art and display case, 3 of those ginormous Rubbermaid bins with Lord knows what's inside. The only clue-- they're kind of heavy. That stupid Gorilla ladder that weighs, like, 50 lbs*, 2 vacuum cleaners, an ironing board and the dining room table. It was surprising how much crap was in that one side of the dining room. I'd pull stuff out and they would be more stuff behind or beside.

Started pulling up that one strip of carpet. I gotta tell ya, it's very gross and disgusting. I had to stop and put on long sleeves and long pants and gloves. Which made doing all that pulling very hot and sweaty. There's no air conditioning downstairs. Also, I can't find a box cutter anywhere. Luckily there was an obvious seam.

So after much moving, sweating, pulling and grossness I've got half of one slim strip of the very top part of the carpet up. Underneath the carpet part of the carpet there's netting of some sort and foam. Oh and those tack board thingies. Even if I don't finish pulling up the carpet part of the carpet, I must pull that board of tacks up before someone, most likely me, hurts themselves.

I should get right on that, right? Nah. Gonna wash some of this nastiness off of me and sit half naked in the air conditioned bedroom and watch The Planets. THEN I'm gonna pull up them tacks.

*Looked it up. It's only 36 lbs.