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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Do you know people who have a conversation in their heads and think you are privy to it?

I know two people like this. I'm married to one, so when the one I know at work does it I am not as surprised as everyone else is when he says something out of left field.

Sample conversation

TomTom: Finally A-Rod got his 500th. Now the announcers can shut the fuck UP about it!
Me: And nobody caught it. It was in the centerfield 'eye' or whatever that thing is.
Larry, Daryll and Daryll: Beer costs like eight dollars!
Me to a perplexed TomTom: At the stadium. See, you know LDD is what is politely know as 'frugal' but what you and me call 'a cheap bastid'. Nobody caught the ball so there will be no windfall for a lucky fan who could have caught the home run and sold it to offset the price of the expensive beer. Why are you confused, TomTom?

Sometimes LDD leaves me dumbfounded. Like today. A special project had to be finished quickly so that Manhattan Boss could run tabulations. I had 5 pieces left when it was time for me to leave so I gave them to LDD since he leaves an hour after I do. I say to him, "When you're finished don't forget to call MB. He needs to do his thing as soon as possible."

"I just called MB right now and spoke to him," he replied.

"Oh, so you're finished?"


I love LDD. He's wacky without even trying.


I guess in his mind, the important thing was calling MB, rather than calling him when he was finished so MB would have everything he needed to complete his work.

Totally off-kilter, but making sense in an illogical logic sort of way.

Still, you have to wonder how people like this manage to survive to adulthood. I guess Darwin was wrong.