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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I was leaning toward staying in my house until. . .

I had this conversation with Dany.

Me: So, how'd this job offer come about?
Dany: I sent in the resumes the executive headhunter (the woman retiring tasked her best people to gather resumes) and the headhunter called me and asked me where was mine. He told me Tuck (the retiree) predicted I wouldn't send mine in.
Me: Did you send it?
Dany: No. I'm not getting that job.
Me: What? How do you know? Tuck thinks you should at least consider it.
Dany: Nah. No way I'd get it.
Me: Well, of course not-- if you don't send in your resume!
Dany shakes his head, defeated before he even tried.
Me: Goddamnit! Send in you stupid resume! What have you got to lose?
Dany: I'll speak with Tuck tomorrow.

I could see he planned to speak to her with an end to dissuading her that he'd be good for the job. Now I'm all het up about him at least trying to get this stupid job that I'm not sure I want him to have. There is something wrong with both me and the man I married.