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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Because I'm mean.

Victim has been at the other location since she came back from disability. On Tuesday she was called back to our location to help answer calls. On Wednesday, TBK sent TomTom to the other location after getting tired of watching him play spider solitaire because he had nothing to do. This pissed Victim off greatly.

All of her friends are at the Floral City location. Or, more truthfully, everybody who still talks to her. At our location she got me telling TBK that he'll never be good at running a sports team because he just made the WORST TRADE EVER! and like dislike from others. She got on the phone and called Douchbaum-- and everyone she considered a friend to complain. She and then she called them some more. And then she texted (is that a word?) them. And e-mailed them. And called them some more.

Yesterday she was back at the Floral City office-- crying. See, she had pissed off EVERYBODY by constantly calling and texting and e-mailing and whining. She called Tweedle Dee eight times between noon and 4. EIGHT times! The guy she sometimes nails but who doesn't like her much blocked her on his phone because she was so annoying.