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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Might as well be walking on the sun.

The heat drove our seafood boil inside on the 4th, which made it a lot less fun but just as tasty. When the least delicious part of the meal is the sausage, you know you've got ambrosia on your plate.

I've been watering my plants twice a day for the last week and some of them are still wilting under the broil.

Plants that are not dealing with the heatwave very well:
Gerber Daisies

Plants that are doing O.K.
and, surprisingly, the peppers (I thought they loooooved hot and humid)

Plants that are thriving in the heat:
Hosta (also surprising as I thought they were shade loving)

We may or may not get over a hundred again tomorrow. Please God, no!


I pretty much have decided not to plant anything that doesn't claim to be Florida-hardy and sun-loving, because damn, we have heat all summer long.

Ah, my daisies look like crap too, and it drives me crazy because they're pretty much my favorite flower. The peppers are doing alright but the plants are small and my established hostas look WONDERFUL (even the one I thought I mangled while dividing it this spring,)while the ones I planted this year don't look so fabulous. Same with the coral bells and all but one of the stonecrop. Also, I have a mandevilla that I nursed through the winter (and it got really crispy looking at some points,) is growing like a champ and I had to repot it and build a new little trellis for it. Now I want to go take pictures and it's dark, damnit!