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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
My ugly shoes are making me happy. Or a doctor made me happy in spite of myself.

And hot. The diabetic shoes and weird feeling inserts are black leather maryjanes. They make my feet sweat like nobody's business. But. . . I've had very little back pain since I started wearing them. Yesterday I was going up the stairs and Ebony exclaimed, "Mommy! You're going up the stairs like a normal person!"

Lo and behold, I was. No one step at a time, no clutching at the bannister. I never noticed exactly how decrepit I looked before.

And another thing-- I can walk almost as fast as regular people do. It's a goshdanged miracle. When the podiatrist asked me all those months ago how I walked on "those feet" I was puzzled. "It hurts sometimes, but I deal" was the answer. I never realized how debilitating my fucked up feet were.

So I grumbled and griped about having to wear ugly, Frankenstein shoes. I'm an idiot. Of course the black leather stiflers were the free ones. I may just go out and buy me a pair of nice looking ones that breath for the summer. I just gotta find the money as I can't seem to find a pair for under a hunnert bucks (they have to be extra depth, which adds to the price it seems). Totally worth it, though.



You are such an inspiration to me in my ongoing discovery process with my health. My physical therapist doesn't get how I walk either. (And today one of my dear friends said "Sweetie, your body is just fucked up. No offense, but it is.")

So now I'm actually going to appointments and following instructions and hopefully I will start feeling better too!

I tell people I'm rotten inside.

Wait a minute-- I'm an inspiration? All I do is whine and bitch! Oh and following instructions is the hardest part for me. I'm hard-headed and set in my ways.

I'm totally stubborn and if I'm not bitching I'm probably dead.

Its the idea that totally stubborn and bitchy people can actually put up with the crap needed to find ways to improve their lives. I can tolerate (and actually go to) physical therapy. And do what the PT says I should. And wear decent shoes.

And it will help, if I let it.

I feel you on the orthotics, but hey, if they let you walk like a normal person, it's worth it. Try out some Danskos. The trick is figuring out which styles have the thick, removable insoles. but they are comfy as hell. Expensive, yes, but they last forever. Some Timberlands are good, too. And Merrells.

Totally worth it. Even though I still feel like I'm walking on sand dunes.

I second Danskos - I love those things and a pair usually lasts me 5-6 years before I manage to kill it.

Munro American may be another brand to check out. (Also shoot me now pricey, but great quality)

Re: Danskos-- do you think I can get my orthotics into one of those mules?

Depends - the only way to find out is to try. Depends how thick yours are.

And if you spring for a pair, keep in mind that they have a pretty good outlet site once you figure out what size you need and what styles work for you.

I'm so pleased to hear such good news. I've been lucky to never have foot issues (although I've been cursed with other issues, but...)

I have experienced what it's like to have relief from pain after being used to it for so long. Enjoy!

As a survivor of fucked up feet (I had a podiatrist while in High School, and he told me to quit playing sports), I can sympathize a little. I had surgery about 12 years back, and I swear it felt better after the drugs wore off than it did the day before surgery.

Good to hear! It's amazing what things like that will do.

For what it's worth you might have a hard time finding shoes that meet your needs for less than 100, unfortunately. For ones that are custom, that's about how they run.