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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
People who have had iPods forever, can you. . .

Uncheck (or check) a whole group of songs at once? How would you go about doing that. Also, how do I go about adding just one or two songs on my already sync-ed Nano without sync-ing the whole thing all over again?

And another thing-- I always have the Nano on shuffle and I've got over 400 songs on it but the Nano seems to have a certain order that it plays the songs and if you turn it re-sync or charge it, it starts from the top of the list. I've got to re-charge every day, so I only get to hear about 50 or so songs-- over and over. Is there a way to reshuffle the damn thing?


Well, for the first question, if you're using a Mac, here's how you do it: Select the songs you want to uncheck, then go to the AppleScript menu (the little curly-sheet-of-paper thing between Window and Help) and select "Enable|Disable Selected Tracks."

If you're using Windows... no idea.

Thanks for helping.

I've got Windows but even still-- if I have to check each song with a click apiece, that's not gonna work. I've got 9,000 friggen mp3s-- almost all are goddamned game audio. I want to be able to scrolly-check because clicking each individually will take about a thousand years.

I don't know how those motherfuckers ended up in my iTunes. And the worse part is, when they're in iTunes, they don't play in the damned game! I'd piss on this rectangular turd that is this Nano if I didn't love it so much.