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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
You didn't think there was all this in a Harlequin Presents, did you?

One of the orders of Harlequin Presents I got was 10 Charlotte Lambs. Of course you don't read these things so the name 'Charlotte Lamb' means nothing to you. Ms Lamb likes her men mean and nasty and either I absolutely love her books or heatedly loath them. The difference for me is-- does the asshole get his in the end? It's all worth if the mean fuck ends up crying for a teeny drop of affection from the put upon heroine.

Justin'll read Presents of there's nothing else around. He actually has enjoyed quite a few, others he doesn't remember because, really, these books are a half step above an article in the Sunday Parade in depth. "I gotta take a dump-- give me one of them," he said as he snatched up a book.

Just now he handed it back to me unfinished. "I can't read it. I want to stab her in the throat. He sexually assaults her, demands that she give him a baby so that he can keep his inheritance and acts like a friggin sociopath and she thinks she's falling in love with him? Can't deal with that dumb bitch!" Once when I was in high school, my girlfriend flung a Lamb against the lunchroom wall while yelling, "Stupid cow!"

The thing that gets me is that almost everyone who hates Charlotte hates her heroines. The jerkoff guys almost always get a pass. 'Yeah, he's a jerk but. . . I hate that stupid bitch!"
Most of the time when I loath a Charlotte book, it's because I can't take another second in the presence of the jerkoff. I can only feel a sad, sick sympathy for the pathetic women who love them.


Ugh, yes, I remember her. She seems pretty misogynistic, ya know?