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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
The Maryjane styled ones don't look bad at all.

Today was another tri-monthly-- wait, is tri-monthly every three months or three times a month?-- visit to the man who slices my feet up with very sharp blades while cracking jokes about losing my feet. This visit ended a bit differently. He told me I needed diabetic shoes. I told him I don't wanna give my shoes insulin. He did not find that the least bit funny. But chopping off my feet? Hi-larious!

When there was insurance shit about the stupid shoes, I said that I wasn't in any kind of rush to get them because diabetic shoes with diabetic inserts did not sound stylish at all. He didn't find that funny either.

You know when he laughed? When he dug out my ingrown toenail and I screamed like a banshee. THAT and the losing of the feet just cracked him up. Weirdo sadistic podiatrist, that's what I got.

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I have custom orthotics, which are often prescribed for people with diabetes (though in my case, they are to deal with completely different issues: compensate for range of motion limitations and metatarsal pain from my high arches and a neuroma, but that's another story).

They make my life much less hellish and have completely eliminated a) my limp, and b) my previous dependence on daily prescription anti-inflammatories. They make my feet much happier. You should consider them for that reason alone!

(P.S.: mine fit in regular shoes. OK, some regular shoes, mostly ones with thick, removable insolves. YMMV.)

Oh, I'm gonna get them. And the inserts. Because my feet HURT! Which is very strange considering I have neuropathy. Imagine the pain if I didn't. To be able to walk without limping-- ahh!