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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
That kid spoiled me.

Justin's been working for two weeks now. He gets in after me. Before, it was easy to let him cook dinner. He was home and he liked doing it. And if he got tired of doing it, well, he could sleep another two hours on it and get to cooking.

But now he's out of here at 7am and back at 6pm. Like the rest of us, he no longer has the luxury of time. Ebony's got school and a job (at 24 Hour Fitness-- the day shift Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The day shift requires her to get up at 2am to get to work on time. How many times have I mentioned that she's friggin insane?

Dany has taken up a lot of slack because we've been having great grilling weather. He grilled all weekend, which sent Kevin straight to heaven. Yesterday Justin got in a little early and started the grill. By the time Dany came home it was ready for him to grill us up some pork chops in hosin sauce and asparagus spears. Mmmmmm.

We've got this bag of gigantic chicken legs and thighs (you know, the cheap ones from the om clear plastic bags where the thighs and the drumstick are still attached and the thigh has some of the back on it? Our local Compare had Perdue quarters-- a 13.47 lbs bag for $4.19. When you're feeding 4 and a half people, you can't pass shit like that up), fresh poblano and dried anchos, Spanish chocolate, wild onion and garlic and every spice needed to make chicken mole.

Here's the thing though. I was the first one in at a quarter to five. Since I knew this would take a lot of chopping, I started the minute I got in the door. Justin cut up the chicken when he got in. The whole thing is now simmering.

We will be falling asleep in our bowls by the time it's done. This is what happens when it's a million degrees over the weekend and nobody wants to turn on the stove to roast something big we could all eat off of for a few days.