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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
What I bought and what I did.

What I bought:

Dwarf snapdragons
Petunias (Wave)
Roma tomato
Sweet Basil
Pineapple Sage

All of that was significantly more than thirty bucks. I have 12 marigold seedlings-- not nearly enough to fill the front border. My thyme came back for 3 summers but it wasn't coming back this year. I hear they get spent after a while and will die. The oregano came back, though.

I put the tomato and pepper seedlings outside to harden. It rained and I thought that was all the water they would need. Boy was I wrong. All but the habaneros wilted to nothingness. I did put them in the bed but I don't think they'll make it.

The Boy says he'll do a Hick's run when he gets paid. He'll replace the tomato and pepper seedlings and get showy flowers for our outside pots.

What I did:

All the herbs. All of them went into their respective pots, except the sage, which went into the ground. The lavender got the extra special glazed ceramic pot because it's going out front.

The tomato and pepper seedlings were put in their beds. Like I said before-- they don't look too good.

Everything was bought outside- seedlings and overwintering shade plants. The shade garden is gonna be way overloaded. The African Pussy Impatiens grew long and leggy inside. Just recently the two lost most of their distinctive flowers. Here's hoping outside'll bring them back. The polka dot plant grew a trailing tail that I did not notice until Camry attacked it as it trailed down the stairs. The coleus are all funny shaped because the were crowded together.

My marigold seedlings are not flowering but the ones I purchased sure are. I'm gonna really have to think about spacing since this will be the spacing forever-- or until I remove the landscape fabric under the border.

If it stops raining I'll try to do the snapdragons, petunias and marigolds. The shady garden will have to wait until next week.


I love marigolds...mine reseed. I haven't even planted any this year, but I bet I still have some come up.